Submission of Applications

Submission period

All applications must be submitted between the 1st and the 15th of June every year for projects of the next calendar year, except for the month of January.

No applications for financing can be submitted outside the aforementioned dates.

Guidelines - Limitations
  • Support is provided on an annual basis.
  • The actions to be supported must be of limited commercial character and of a non-profit nature, as part of our effort to promote worthy projects which would not easily find support in other ways.
  • Applications are accepted from:
    a) legal entities
    b) individuals registered as professionals (non-professional individuals cannot be considered).
  • General principles applicable to all areas of support:
    a)No applications are accepted for supporting an entity’s operational expenses
    b) No applications are accepted from individuals or entities who have received support in any three years, consecutive or otherwise, within the last five years.
  • Special considerations per area of support:
    a) In the area of Research, applications are accepted for studies and research projects in the field of Humanities, carried out by universities, scientific institutions and other legal entities. Specifically in the field of restoration of monuments and other historical relics, applications are accepted for monuments dating from no later than 1830.
    b) In the area of Education, applications are accepted for educational programmes addressed to students in primary and secondary education. With regard to tertiary education, applications can be submitted by Universities for postgraduate programmes, mainly in the fields of Byzantine, post-Byzantine and modern-Greek studies. No applications are accepted from individuals for carrying out doctoral and post-doctoral theses or for publishing the resultant reports. With regard to scholarships, grants and awards to students, the Foundation collaborates with Universities in Greece and abroad and no applications from individuals will be considered.
    c) In the area of Cultural Heritage, applications are accepted from entities of a historical nature (e.g. Museums or Libraries, among others) for exhibitions, publications, actions, the enrichment of collections, internet applications.
    d) In the area of Social Contribution, applications are accepted for annual projects of a social nature.
    e) In the area of Arts, applications are accepted for productions, exhibitions, publications, festivals, workshops, internet projects, residency programmes in the fields of: Visual arts, Theatre, Cinema, Music, Literature-Poetry, Dance, Interdiscipinary projects. Specifically, in the field of filmmaking the applications considered are mainly for short films and documentaries.

Applications are to be submitted solely digitally, by filling in the special form.

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