Submission of Applications

Instructions for the submission:
A hard copy letter should be addressed to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, accompanied by a detailed budget which should include other potential funding sources.
There is no application form to be filled in.
Applications must be submitted exclusively to the email address

Dates of submission: June 1-15 of the current year for projects that have been scheduled for the year to come, except for January.


• The grants are given annually.

• The activities being supported are of little commercial interest and non lucrative. This forms part of the Foundation’s policy to subsidize important initiatives that would not be easily funded.

• In the field of research, grants are mainly given for studies and research in humanitarian studies conducted by Universities and other research centres or teams.

• Applications may be submitted by Universities for the support of Post-Graduate Programmes mainly in Greek and Byzantine Studies.

• The Board of Trustees has decided to suspend any support to individuals for the completion of doctoral and post doctoral dissertations as well as for the ensuing publication of such works.

• In the field of the preservation of cultural heritage, grants are given for the restoration of monuments and other historical evidence dating from antiquity to the late 18th century.

• In the field of films grants are given mainly for the realisation of short films and documentaries.