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Anniversary Publications and Activities

1979 - 1999

On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, in 2000 the Foundation republished the album Sifnos by Roger Tourte.

In 1946, while on a world tour, the French architect reached Greece and visited Sifnos among other islands; for the benefit of himself and a few friends, he conveyed his impressions in a handmade book whose architectural merit is equalled by its aesthetic and sentimental value.

The album recorded some exquisite examples of traditional architecture as well as the author’s own painterly quests to reveal the grandeur of nature and the human mind.

Given the uniqueness of the authentic work, bound by the Greek-loving artist himself, and the care with which the family of Alexadros S Siniosoglou preserved the original, the Foundation decided to publish one hundred numbered copies.

The publication retained the style and reproduced in the most faithful way the original, obviously through the use of modern means.

1979 - 2009
The Anniversary Report 1979-2009 described the chronology and the key achievements of the Foundation over thirty years as a mark of respect to its founders. The publication summarizes the Foundation’s activities in the areas of Cultural Heritage, Social Contribution, Research, Education, Art and in-house Productions. It includes an annex with financial and statistical data as well as information on the financially supported institutions and the donations to the Foundation.
1979 - 2019

The year 2019 was a landmark for the Foundation, marking forty years of dynamic presence in the realm of culture. Overall, by 2019, some 4,000 activities had been supported in the areas in which the Foundation is traditionally active. In monetary terms, this hands-on support in disseminating Greece’s culture exceeded 53 million euros.

More significantly, however, upon completion of forty years since the Foundation’s inception the hitherto Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board, Yannis S. Costopoulos and Annie S. Costopoulos decided to retire. Since 1979, the son and daughter of Spyros and Euridice Costopoulos had actively sought to realize their parents’ vision and set the guiding principles behind the Foundation’s actions and growth.

Finally, on this occasion, and with the aim of further promoting the production of Greek films, the Foundation instituted The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation Award in the context of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.
The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation Award is accompanied by an artwork created by visual artist Daphne Costopoulos, Vice-Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, and is presented since then during the closing ceremony of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.
Upon the recommendation of a special three-member panel, the prize is awarded to a film that presents a comprehensive aesthetic proposition, promotes the art of cinema and demonstrates its affinities with other art forms.