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In the context of its activities in terms of financial support, productions and joint productions, since its inception the Foundation has received a large number of publications and has formed a Library for preserving, classifying and cataloguing all incoming titles.
Main Collection

The main collection currently numbers six thousand titles of Greek and foreign books, catalogues and albums and comprises:

  • Third-party publications by individuals and institutions who have been financially supported by the Foundation for the specific venture;
  • Publications sent honoris gratia;
  • Publications produced or co-produced by the Foundation.
Special Collection
The uniqueness of the retrospective for Jannis Kounellis (1936-2017) in Piraeus in 1994 and its success within and beyond the borders led to the Foundation’s continued communication and collaboration with the distinguished artist. This constructive and friendly relationship was sealed by the artist’s express wish for the Foundation to keep an archive of publications on his oeuvre, which is still regularly updated and enriched.
Collection of periodicals
The collection comprises both Greek and foreign titles.
Subject areas of the Collections (other than the Special Collections)

The main subject areas of the books and periodicals in the Library are: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Architecture, Literature, Poetry, Music, Theatre, Dance, Cinema, Photography, Art History, Museology, Archaeology, History, Numismatics, Folklore Studies, Mythology, Sociology, Politics, Economics, Religion, Linguistics, Philosophy, Ethics, Justice, Sport, Environment.

Operation of the Library
Whilst this is not a lending Library, it is open by appointment for in-situ study. It attracts students and scholars from various disciplines (see above), and constitutes the main resource in Greece for undergraduate and postgraduate essays and doctoral/post-doctoral theses on the art of Jannis Kounellis.
Exchanges & donations
The Foundation is in contact with institutions in Greece and abroad with a view to exchanging and donating titles (in-house publications, double copies, etc.). Among others, these include museums, universities, foundations, libraries, embassies, institutes, research centres, ephorates of antiquities and schools of archaeology.