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Visual Arts

In addition to its in-house production of exhibition, the Foundation provides financial support to exhibitions and the publication of catalogues, art books and monographs by other institutions. It also helps Greek artists to join residency programmes and international conferences and provides aid to art research projects and the enrichment of the collections of museums of modern and contemporary art.

All this activity began at a time when Greece had very few entities, public or private, that promoted contemporary art.​

In the 1980s and early 1990s, the local scene was quite different from what it is today; the public was much less familiar with the artistic production, and most of the relevant public or private institutions, with very few exceptions, had yet to develop and acquire their own facilities and their institutional role. In view of all this, The Foundation’s Board of Trustees, after a motion by Annie Costopoulos which was warmly seconded by her brother Yannis, decided to become active directly, with its own productions, as well as indirectly by providing moral and financial support to third parties for the promotion of the work of Greek or Greek-born artists.

Since then the outlook has certainly changed, and the Foundation, consistently present in good times as well as through difficult moments for the country’s economy, has walked alongside many artists who were supported in presenting their work in Greece or abroad and has collaborated with several institutions on artistic projects with an aesthetic, academic, educational or more generally social impact.

Recent Activities

Past Activities

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December 1, 2021