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Establishment and Aim

Established in 1979

The Foundation aims to support and promote the Greek culture, arts and letters within and beyond the national borders.

«The aim of the Foundation is to contribute materially and morally using any expedient means towards the advancement of culture, education and the arts in Greece and to generally assist in welfare acts in such ways as by supporting all kinds of cultural events, scientific, educational or other welfare projects or programmes, by fostering all kinds of educational institutions and professional training schools, museums, art galleries, libraries, etc»
Article 2 of the Articles of Association

In 1979 Credit Bank, a private-sector financial institution established in Kalamata by John F. Costopoulos, celebrated its centenary. On the occasion, the Founder’s son and then-Chairman of the Bank. Spyro J. Costopulo and his wife Eurydice each contributed 10,000 of the Bank’s shares -valued at 32 million drachmae at the time- to set up the foundation which bears the name of the Bank’s founder, John F. Costopoulos. The initial bequest was followed by further contributions in shares by the late Spyro Costopulo himself and his son, Yannis S. Costopoulos, to form the cornerstone of the Foundation’s assets.

The Foundation’s articles of association and administration are set out in the Government Gazette (ΦΕΚ 279 Α΄/ 21.12.1979 and 2315 Β΄/ 13.06.2019).

Historical figures associated with the Foundation