The Staff

In its first years, the Foundation had very few operating expenses as it did not employ any permanent staff. Demetrios Katsikis, then Head of the Bank’s Financial Department, acted as Manager, assisted in his bookkeeping and secretarial tasks by two employees of the Bank on a parttime basis. Eventually, however, the desire to expand activities in a number of different areas generated, after some ten years, the need to employ full-time staff. Thus, Katerina Koskina, Curator of the Foundation and of the Bank’s Art Collection and later Art Director, became the first member of staff. At present, Hector Verykios, former Secretary of Alpha Bank’s Board of Directors, acts as the Foundation’s Manager, upholding the tradition since its establishment whereby the administrative management is assigned to a high-ranking executive of the Bank. After the appointment as of 1st January 2022 of art historian Irene Orati as Art Director, the Foundation permanently employs six persons.