The Board of Trustees

The first Board of Trustees consisted of Spyro J. Costopulo, President; Yannis S. Costopoulos, Vice-President and Secretary; Demetrios P. Mantzounis, Treasurer; Anastasia S. Costopoulos; and Photios P. Costopoulos, Trustees.

Following the death of Spyro J. Costopulo on 22 June 1984, Yannis S. Costopoulos became President, Anastasia S. Costopoulos became Vice-President and Secretary, and Professor Constantinos D. Kerameus was elected Trustee.
In February 2011, Ph. Costopoulos and C. Kerameus resigned from the Board of Trustees and Theodore N. Filaretos and Professor Thanos M. Veremis were elected to their posts.

On August 31, 2019, during the enlargement of the Board of Trustees, after 40 consecutive years of active participation, Yannis S. Costopoulos and Anastasia S. Costopoulos resigned and were appointed Honorary President and Honorary Vice-President respectively. The new Board of Trustees consists of Demetrios P. Mantzounis, President, Daphne Y. Costopoulos, Vice-President, Hector P. Verykios, Treasurer, Emeritus Professor Thanos M. Veremis, Theodore N. Filaretos, Irene A. Orati and Dimitra I. Tsangari, Trustees.