In 1979 Credit Bank, a private sector bank which commenced operations in Kalamata, celebrated its 100th anniversary. On the occasion, a series of commemorative events were held and a number of memorabilia wereproduced, including the limited edition album The Banknotes of Greece from 1828 until the present day. Thirty years later, Credit Bank has evolved into Alpha Bank and these historical promotional ideas, imaginative and pioneering as they were at the time, remain engraved in the memory of people who witnessed them and attest to the Bank’s history and policy. However, the most significant and long-standing legacy of Credit Bank’s centenary celebration is the establishment of the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation. The initial idea for the creation of a non-profit charitable foundation as an endowment to commemorate the centenary belongs to the late Spyro J. Costopulo, the Founder’s last surviving son and Chairman of the Bank. Spyro J. Costopulo and his wife Eurydice each contributed 10,000 of the Bank’s shares to set up the foundation which bears the name of the Bank’s founder, John F. Costopoulos. The donation of Spyro and Eurydice Costopulo was worth 32 million drachmae at the time. At present, following further contributions in shares by the departed Spyro Costopulo and by Yannis S. Costopoulos, but especially through the Foundation’s participation in all subsequent share capital increases of the Bank over the last thirty years, the Foundation holds 6,620,000 Alpha Bank shares and ranks amongst the Bank’s major shareholders.