Supported Activities

  • ASSOCIATION OF ENOSIS SMYRNAION for the organisation and management of its Library
  • CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF THE VILLAGE KALOU “XASTERIA” for the conservation and transformation of the primary school of Kalou to cultural center
  • HOLY METROPOLIS OF SISANION AND SIATISTA for the conservation and restoration of the Catholic interior of the monumental monastery of St. Athanasius Zikovistas
  • HOLY METROPOLIS OF THE PRINCES’ ISLANDS for the completion of the conservation and preservation of the Metropolis’ holy relics
  • PARAPOTAMOS COMMUNITY, MUNICIPALITY OF TEMPI LARISAS for the transformation project of the primary school of Parapotamos to cultural center
  •  SOCIETY FOR THE EDUCATION OF YOUNG WOMEN – Σ.Ε.Ν. for the refurbishment of the “Heritage Looms SEN”