Supported Activities

• ASSOCIATION OF THE FRIENDS OF THE ACROPOLIS for the printing of archaeological and educational guides and editions concerning the archaeology and ancient topography of Athens

• CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL HISTORY ARCHIVES for the cataloguing, digitalisation and promotion of Michalis and Leonidas Kyrkos archives

• NUMISMATIC MUSEUM for the on-line publication of the Proceedings of the Colloquium “In Athens of the 19th century. City – Archaeology – Numismatics” and for the publication of the research project “Byzantine Lead Seals of the Numismatic Museum”

• THE J. F. COSTOPOULOS FOUNDATION/AMERICAN SCHOOL OF CLASSICAL STUDIES AT ATHENS for the coorganisation of a colloquium entitled “Carl and Elizabeth Blegen Remembered. Ploutarchou 9, Celebrated” (Athens, American School of Classical Studies, Cotsen Hall, 31.5.2013)

• UNION OF GREEK PROCEDURALISTS for the organisation of its 37th Pan-Hellenic Symposium (Municipal Theatre of Argostoli, 6 – 9.9.2012)

• NEKTARIOS KARADIMAS for the publication of his thesis entitled “Prolegomena to Aegean Archaeology; from the Renaissance until 1875”.