Supported Activities

• ARCHAEOLOGICAL RECEIPTS FUND (ΤΑΠ) for the publication of the Greek edition of the catalogue for the Louvre exhibition “Au royaume d’Alexandre le Grand. La Macédoine antique”

• ASSOCIATION OF THE FRIENDS OF THE MUSEUM OF GREEK FOLK MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS for the edition of young people’s educational guide for the folk musical instruments and for the Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments

• HELLENIC INSTITUTE OF ANCIENT AND MEDIAEVAL ALEXANDRINA STUDIES for the continuation of the underwater archaeological survey at Alexandria, Egypt


• LADIES’ ASSOCIATION IN KALAMATA for the edition of the publication entitled “A century of offer, Ladies’ Association in Kalamata (1910 – 2010)”

• NATIONAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION “ELEFTHERIOS K. VENIZELOS” for the realisation of the exhibition “Balkan Wars 1912 – 1913. The dawn of the greek 20th century” (Athens, Benaki Museum, 12.12.2012 – 10.1.2013) and other parallel events on the 100th anniversary of the Balkan Wars and the Union of Crete with Greece

• SOCIETY FOR THE EDUCATION OF YOUNG WOMEN (ΣΕΝ) for the development of its website

• UNIVERSITY OF IOANNINA, DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY for the excavation and ethno-archaeological research project at Argos Orestikon (Kastoria region, Northern Greece)

• ANDREAS DARLAS for the continuation of the excavation at Melitzia and Kolominitsa palaeolithic caves, in Mani peninsula.