Supported Activities

Public Welfare Societies
• SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATION OF STUDY FERES-VELESTINO-RHIGAS for the publication of the proceedings of the 5th international conference on Rhigas (Velestino, Thessaly, 04 -07.10.2007)


Research Projects
• DIMITRIS KOTSELIS for the completion of his dissertation entitled ‘The Film Screenplay as an autonomous literary entity. Contemporary approaches to the theory and practice of screenwriting’


Seminars – Conferences
• UNION OF GREEK PROCEDURALISTS for the realisation of its 35th pan-hellenic congress (Rhodos, 09-12.09.2010)

• THE A.G. LEVENTIS FOUNDATION for the realisation of an international archaeological symposium on cooking pots, drinking cups, loom weights and ethnicity in Bronze Age Cyprus and Neighbouring Regions (Nicosia, 06-07.11.2010)