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Karten von Attika in the Era of Digital Humanities

15 March 2023



Karten von Attika in the Era of Digital Humanities, the digital cartographic platform about the historical topography of Attica of the Dipylon Society for the Study of Ancient Topography is now available on the internet at:

The first presentation in Greece of the digital platform of Maps of Attica was held on Wednesday, March 15 at the National Gallery in Athens.

Making use of the invaluable cartographic work of E. Curtius and J. A. Kaupert, the project of Dipylon aimed at creating the webGIS platform for the Archaeology of Attica by superimposing multiple levels of spatial data (cartographic evidence, historical maps, excavation plans, aerial photos) onto a single digital map. The contents of the platform are bilingual (Greek/English) and freely accessible.

The project was kindly supported, among others, by the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation.


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