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Giorgos Lappa’s work Red Man at the Athens Conservatoire

12 December 2022



On Monday, December 12, the inauguration of the new premises of the Athens Conservatoire took place, with the presence of the President of the Republic. To the left of the main entrance of the Conservatory, Giorgos Lappa’s work Red Man from 1988, which is a permanent loan from J. F. Costopoulos Foundation to the Athens Conservatoire, has already been placed.

In 2022 the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation embarked on a programme of providing works from its collection to museums and cultural institutions in the form of long-term loaning.

Red Man was donated by George Lappas to the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation in 2002 as a counter-offering to the Foundation’s support.
It forms part of a series of works derived from the large installation In Seurat’s Asnières of 1991, with direct influences from the 1884 painting Une baignade à Asnières by Georges Seurat. The figure in the water on the right, known as Echo, was one of those that impressed Lappas, were isolated and remade as elements of the original installation but also as self-standing figures with several changes and additions.

The Red Man’s face carries the features of the artist himself, as with all works from this series as well as those in the Burghers series of the same period (1992-93), modelled on Αuguste Rodin’s Les Bourgeois de Calais.


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