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Foodprint Project educational programme

12 April 2023



Some argue that a photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what’s in front of it.

Check out the 6 variations of Mr Yiannis in his orchard photographed by a team of young photographers that participated in a two day workshop run by Mady Lykeridou on the island of Milos, Greece.

The workshop, realised with the support of the @thejfcostopoulosfoundation, is part of @foodprintproject, a cross-media project about the Mediterranean Diet, that aims to get teenagers to discover the values of the Mediterranean Diet through the creative medium of photography.

Photographers in order of appearance:
[1] Chrysa Veleta
[2] Natalia Xydaki
[3] Kostantinos Ninos
[4] Irida Karampatea
[5] Chrisanthi Vamvouni
[6] Rafaela Mpasourri


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