The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation supported Zografeion Lyceum, one of the few remaining Greek educational institutions in Constantinople, in its purchase of technological equipment for the students of the school.

“It was in 1893 when the then-young architect Pericles Fotiadis designed the new school for the Stavrodromi Community, which decided that the school would be named after its ‘generous sponsor, in a gesture of gratitude and honour’—the enlightened entrepreneur Christakis Zografos who provided the Community with the great sum of 10,000 gold liras towards a modern, progressive, pioneering school which would meet the educational needs of Greek education with an emphasis on science.

Since then, Zografeion continues on its course through time, writing some illustrious and glorious pages of history and, for all the difficulties it has encountered along the way, remaining strong, luminous and unscathed as a unique gem of expatriate Greek education. With its emblem of the Sphinx as a symbol of light’s victory over the gloom of ignorance, the School goes on for 129 years now, filling with pride its alumni around the world who, as the school’s hymn goes, ‘we all guard your banner with all our might, dear School”.

Thousands of students sat on its desks, leaving their trace on the School’s history as much as on its staircases. All these years, innumerable groundbreaking actions, distinctions, successes and events have kept up the School’s message of life, presence and hope, with most notable among these the International Students’ Literary Conference, held since 2012 under the auspices of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, with students from all over the world and with eminent figures of the arts and letters”.

Zografeion Lyceum