The Foundation supported the Union of Camper Boat Racers in repairing and re-equipping the ten-oar boat of the 3rd Team of Athens Sea Scouts (3rd ΟΑΝ).
After the necessary refurbishment (plastic coating, caulking, painting), the new sails and the purchase of new safety equipment, the boat Prodromos Torossis is now fully seaworthy.

“The sea-scouting boat is a valuable asset for us and the children for getting acquainted with sailing and the sea. Through this they learn to respect the sea and be responsible towards nature and our fellow humans. The children gain some indelible memories and experiences which, combined with the scouting ideal, provide the keys for them to become worthy and more active members of society”.

Dimitris Tsengas, Head of the 3rd ΟΑΝ