Edited by Katerina Konstantinou, the publication is the outcome of an artistic research project which examines the power plant of the Greek island of Paros at various phases: from being in full operation to being kept in hot reserve and subsequently in cold reserve. The research method applied in the study of the past and present of the plant adopts an ethnographic approach with artistic modes and practices, and focuses on the ways in which it the plant becomes part of the past but is not valued as a “heritage” site. Located on an idyllic beach of the popular island of Paros, the facility is seen as incongruous within the island setting. And while it lies in this liminal state between past and present, current geopolitical developments in the energy sector call for a revision of the social meanings and values it assumes.
In the book, the photographic work of Alexandra Fokaeos and Antonis Kounellas, along with the sound processing by Dimitris Karageorgos, are accompanied by the texts of Katerina Konstantinou and Maria Mavroidi.

The project Cold Reserve was conducted by MODAL with the support and under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports (2019-2021). The publication was supported by the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation.

Editor: Katerina Konstantinou
Contributors: Alexandra Fokaeos, Dimitris Karageorgos, Antonis Kounellas, Maria Mavroidi
Coordinator: Dimitris Hatzivogiatzis

Publishers: Dolce 2022
Design: Matina Nikolaidou
Printing: G. Kostopoulos Printing House