The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation and Analogio Festival, in the context of their long collaboration, have published the book Analogio 2005-2017. Dramatic and Stage Writing in Greece.

This publication, in both Greek and English, demonstrates eloquently and vividly the successful journey of Greek playwriting in Analogio Festival from its earliest days. It highlights the already historic course and the appeal of Analogio on a performing and research level. At the same time a theoretical approach is attempted of new plays in the form of staged theatrical readings, on the basis of their historical, social and artistic context, in Greece and beyond. It finally underlines the value and the necessity of supporting Greek playwriting and dramaturgy, developing creative dialogue with the theatre of other countries and bringing the Greek audience and playwrights in substantial interaction with the international artistic, literary and theatrical community and audience.

The book was first presented at the Pireos Annexe of the Benaki Museum in Athens on 31 January 2019 and then at the Sarajevo Winter Festival on 8 February 2019. There followed presentations at international book fairs in Greece and abroad.

The book is available from the bookstores of ALPHA BANK, Stadiou 40, Athens ( and the Benaki Museum, Pireos 138, Athens.