The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation pays tribute to its Chairman of many years, Yannis Costopoulos, three years after his death in 2021, with the exhibition: a man of many facets. A celebration of the life of Yannis Costopoulos.

The exhibition, whose title alludes to the opening line of the Odyssey, focuses on the contribution of Yannis Costopoulos in areas beyond banking.
It is hosted in the Benaki Museum’s Spyridon & Eurydice Costopoulos Gallery, which the museum named after the parents of Yannis Costopoulos in 2000 in tribute to his generosity and support.

Formed into five chapters, the exhibition presents the varied interests and multiple activities of Yannis Costopoulos and is structured accordingly.

The first section, “Preamble”, presents a chronology of his life and work in each field. It comes with screenings of excerpts from interviews by people who had known him.(*)

The second section, “Banker”, brings together exhibits, artworks and architectural models of Bank buildings which represent his choices and attest to his groundbreaking approach to aspects which shaped the image of an innovative bank, with material from the Historical Archive and the Art Collection of Alpha Bank.

The third section, “Culture and Society”, presents his support to areas of culture such as archaeological excavations, the promotion of Byzantine civilisation through international exhibitions, the establishment of the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation (1979) or the help extended to emerging artists, through works from the art collection of the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation.

Also, the hands-on support to society as exemplified by the kindergarten and nursery school in Kalamata (1994) and the formation of the Society of the Friends of the National Garden (2005).

The fourth section, “Love for ancient coinage”, presents selected coins from the Numismatic Collection of Alpha Bank and the stories behind them.

Finally, the “Yachtsman” section features exhibits and photographs from the races and his references to Homer and the travels of Odysseus. This section is discreetly accompanied by the sounds of a musical piece specially written by composer Thodoris Oikonomou to underscore Yannis Costopoulos’s love for the sea.

Organisers: The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation – Benaki Museum

Museological design: Erato Koutsoudaki

Bilingual Greek/English catalogue, edited by Irene Orati, with texts by: Petros Themelis, Costas Costis, Polyxeni Adam-Veleni, Dimitra Tsangari, Maria Vassilaki, Irene Orati, Katerina Koskina, Hector Verykios, Daphne Costopoulos.



Demetrios P. Mantzounis, President of the Board of Trustees of the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation

Spyros Filaretos, General Manager, Alpha Bank

Tassos Averoff, former member of the Board of Directors, Alpha Bank

Adonis Kyrou, publisher

Maro Linardatou, Y. Costopoulos’ personal assistant

Filanthi Melea, Y. Costopoulos’ personal assistant

Costas Lioris, yachtsman, member of the racing team

Sotiris Cartalis, yachtsman, crew member