Koufonisia Classical Music Festival returns for the eighth consecutive year with a diverse program of events, under the artistic supervision of its founder, conductor and pianist, Kornilios Michailidis, maintaining the high artistic quality for which it has been distinguished all these years.

In an era marked by uncertainty and rapid changes resulting from successive international disturbances, intensifying natural disasters, financial and humanitarian crises, but also the exponential development of artificial intelligence, the Festival aims, through its theme, to bring cultural creation and its values back to the center, bridging gaps and converging on the common place of music that transcends linguistic, racial and time limits.

The 8th edition of the Festival hosts five unique concerts with seventeen great artists from Greece and abroad, including Liya Petrova (violin), David Lively (piano), Jess Gillam (saxophone), Avi Avital (mandolin), Simos Papanas (violin), Antonis Sousamoglou (violin), Nefeli Mousoura (piano), Timos Petrin (cello), Tasos Pappas (piano), Christos Papageorgiou (piano), and other prominent artistic personalities, distinguished for their musicality.

This year’s planning seeks, through its expanded artistic umbrella, to embrace even more worlds, flirting with jazz, rock and other music genres, expanding the repertoire from the Baroque era to the present day and including unusual musical ensembles, in the harmonious and welcoming environment of Koufonisia.

The festival is honored to be held again this year, for the 4th consecutive year, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, while at the same time it is constantly enjoying greater support, both from charitable institutions and non-profit organizations, such as the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation and Aegeas Non-Profit Civil Company, as well as from businesses and individual nationwide.

True to its educational character, the Festival continues the musical education program on the island, after a year of continuous activity in the field of musical education for the children of the island, through the pilot program of learning musical instruments that was organized during the school year, with the kind support of the Qualco and Virginia Wellington Cabot foundations. Thus, this year, for the first time, the children gained access to live and e-learning of a musical instrument with a scholarship, while they were provided with free musical instruments and equipment, thus laying the necessary foundations for a systematic musical education.