The seventh year of the Koufonisia Classical Music Festival featured a special programme of events under the artistic direction of its founder, the conductor and pianist Kornilios Michailidis.
The 2022 Festival hosted five unique concerts with thirteen distinguished artists from Greece and abroad, such as Nicolas Baldeyrou (clarinet), Laurent Wagschal (piano), Maximilian Hornung (cello), Sara Christian (violin), Hisako Kawamura (piano), Vassilis Varvaresos (piano), Marlis Petersen (soprano) and Stephan Matthias Lademann (piano).

A special honour for the Festival was the presence of one of the world’s top violinists, the Ukrainian Valeriy Sokolov, who joined another three musicians—cellist Aleksey Shadrin from Ukraine, violinist Hawijch Elders from the Netherlands, and violist Ilias Livieratos from Greece—and the Festival’s art director Kornilios Michailidis at the piano, for a single concerts whose proceeds were donated to the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund, which supports Ukrainian artists during the hardships of war.

Moreover, throughout the duration of the festival an exhibition of artworks by the distinguished artist Sophia Kalogeropoulou was hosted in the Michailidis residence.

True to its music-educational character, on the 23rd of January 2023 the Festival presented an educational programme for the children of Koufonisi together with a concert with free admission for the people of the island, in collaboration with the Athens State Orchestra and the Athens Classical Players. This action builds on a series of educational initiatives since 2019.