The 12th International Contemporary Dance Festival Dance Days Chania was realised under the title “Body in motion – Body in empathy”. The Festival, which appealed to enthusiastic local and foreign audiences in the heart of summer, organised performances, seminars, workshops/masterclasses, actions in the public space and a tribute to video dance

Performances by
Danae & Dionysios (GR), Dance Company Teatro Mayor (CO), cieLaroque/ Helene Weinzierl (AT), Jacob Gomez (ES), Mariana Collado & Lucio Baglivo (ES), Rosana Ribeiro (AT), Collective Nest (PL), Lamprini Gkolia (GR), Roni Chadash (IL), Lo-Giudice dance (UK), BODHI Project (AT), Eleana Alexandrou (CY)

Workshops by
Steriani Tsintziloni & Eleni Mylona (GR), Olia Tornaritou (GR), Danae & Dionysios (GR), Dance Company Teatro Mayor (CO), Anton Lachky (SK), Fabian Thome (ES), Maria Fonseca (PT), BODHI Project (AT)

“Meet the Choreographers” masterclasses by:
Jacob Gomez (ES), Mariana Collado & Lucio Baglivo (ES), Nikolas Chatzivasileiadis & Christina Skoutela (GR), Collective Nest (PL), Roni Chadash (IL)

Projects “New Creators and Public Space” by:
Katerina Archontaki & Io Stouri (GR), Evita Tsakalaki & Maria Kritsotaki (GR), Penny Eleftheriadou (GR)

Artistic transnational residency with Zawirowania Dance Festival (PL)
Video dance section (34 projects)

Dance Days Chania is being organised by Syn-Kinisi Association of Expressive Dance since 2011 with volunteer work of its members. The 12th Dance Days Chania was co-organized by the Municipality of Chania – KEPPEDICH-CMA, the Region of Crete – P.E. Chania and funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture. It received the kind support of the J F. Costopoulos Foundation, the Embassy of Austria in Athens and the State Department of Culture of Cyprus. Cooperating institutions were the Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania and the School Community of the 6th Gymnasium, 4th Lyceum, Esterian Gymnasium and Esterian Lyceum of Chania.

DDC has received the EFFE Label 2017-2018, 2019-2021 & 2022-2023 certification by the European Organization EFA.