The CLOSE UPS short video series highlights fascinating stories behind objects at the Benaki Museum, as well as the people associated with them.

The objects that come centre-stage in Season #3 episodes introduce us to behind-the-scenes parts of the Museum, such as the Conservation Workshops, to collections never before examined, for example the Toy Collection, and to important artists whose oeuvre is researched at the Benaki Photographic and Modern Greek Architecture Archives. Four of Season #3’s videos are associated with the reinstallation of the Museum of Modern Greek Culture, which is launched in March 2024.
In the episode “Panorama, a visual game”, Ioanna-Nora Chatzopoulou, head of the Benaki Toy Museum, presents the “Panorama”, an object that can be classified as an optical game, a simplified form of cinema. During the early 20th-century and all over Greece, such objects were frequent at fairs, folk culture events that combined entertainment and religious sentiment.

Close ups Season #3 was implemented with the support of The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation.