Movable Assets

“The Foundation’s income, after the deduction of all expenses, is allocated by a minimum of 40% to satisfy the purposes of the Foundation as per article 2 of the present document, and by a minimum of 40% to investments in securities, real estate property and other assets whose proceeds, in the Board of Trustees’ best judgement, would more comprehensively and expediently cater to the purposes of the Foundation by enhancing its income.”

Article 9.3 of the Articles of Association

Thanks to the foresight exhibited by the Founders, who included the above clause in the Articles of Association, the initial shares held in Credit Bank (now Alpha Bank) do not constitute the Foundation’s sole assets. As of 1982, part of the income has been invested in the shares of other listed companies and in fixed income bonds such as the purchase of a 1,000,000 drachmae bond issued by the Hellenic Bank for Industrial Development (ETBA)! Through the consistently prudent investment policy invariably pursued by the Board of Trustees, the Foundation currently holds a portfolio in shares and bonds which ensures its robust course and further growth.